Zulu Mission Control White Paper Abstract:

Flight Recorder and Mission Control were developed to provide deep levels of visibility into factors influencing the front-end functionality and back-end mechanics of Java-based systems. Both Java Flight Recorder and Java Mission Control were open sourced by Oracle as part of the OpenJDK 11 release in September 2018. The two products were re-badged into projects under the OpenJDK umbrella as JDK Mission Control and JDK Flight Recorder, after which they were then aligned with OpenJDK 11.


Zulu Mission Control (ZMC) is Azul's build of the open source JDK Mission Control product that is used for profiling and analysis of JVM and Java applications. ZMC arrived at the start of 2020 to further Azul’s mission to provide developers and operations teams with critical insights into how their applications are performing.

This whitepaper explains the historical context for why Flight Recorder and Mission Control were developed and what Azul has done to enhance Java Mission Control, now that Zulu Mission Control is generally available.