Microservices Using Java - White Paper Abstract

It is clear that the direction of software development is primarily moving to the Cloud and using Microservices as a way to do this in a flexible, scalable manner.

This white paper illustrates why Java is the obvious choice for Microservices, as it has a number of distinct advantages over other languages. However, by using a traditional JVM, several deployment issues must be carefully considered when choosing an application architecture.

Who Should Read It?

This paper is written for IT professionals, architects and developers who are planning a Microservices deployment using Java.

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Topics Covered

  • A Brief History of Microservices 
  • Why Have Microservices Risen in Popularity? 
  • The Fundamentals of Microservices
  • Microservices and Virtualization 
  • Java-Based Microservices
  • Challenges For The JVM With Microservices 
  • JVM Memory Management
  • JIT Compilation

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