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At last count there were at least eight different JDK vendors building OpenJDK-based distributions, including binaries from Oracle.

For Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) trying to provide an open-source choice of Java runtimes for their end users, careful attention to a distribution's 'pedigree' and the vendor's 'curation' process (i.e. the action or process of selecting, organizing and looking after the items in a collection) is critical to maximizing Java binary coverage and reducing various risks associated with usage and distribution.

In this webinar, George Gould, Vice President of Business Development and Partner Alliances at Azul, will present an overview of the OpenJDK project, provide a simple three-step JDK certification methodology, establish a framework for evaluating JDKs, and review a JDK evaluation scorecard. 

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If you have questions, contact us via webinars@azul.com.