The world of financial trading has long been a winner-take-all model - where the fastest trader wins. In modern trading, complex algorithms and workflows are equally necessary to succeed. To win at this game, handling complexity at speed is paramount.

BIDS Trading is the top-ranked block trading venue in the US, trading over $50bn every month. For trading venues, systems performance equals revenue, yet less than 5% of the firm's development $ goes to performance. 

On top of that, BIDS has cut its server spend by 5x, reduced system management overhead, and improved performance by every measure.  How does this compute?

Brett Vasconcellos, Azul customer and CTO of BIDS Trading, will discuss with Gil Tene, CTO of Azul, how he optimized their Java infrastructure to achieve such fantastic results.

You'll get the technical details and learn how engineers are now free to focus on feature development, not performance, tuning and troubleshooting.

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